ZE:A’s Taehun Wants to Break Down Stereotypes of Idols through MMA Survival Show

Taehun of male group ZE:A has become the first idol to pursue activities as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

On September 23, the idol appeared on the pilot episode of cable channel XTM’s “Crying First Season 4.”

Hoping to pass the first round of auditions, Taehun explained his reason for applying: “I want to break down the stereotypes of idols. On ‘Crying Fist,’ I want to be acknowledges as a fighter, and not an idol.”

When asked to choose between being an idol or an MMA fighter, Taehun replied without hesitation, “I would choose MMA,” but burst in laughter after realizing how risky his comment was.

Unfortunately, Taehun failed to receive the judges’ approval despite showing his great determination.

The idol made his debut as an MMA fighter on September 12, but fractured his nose during the match and underwent surgery afterwards to treat his broken nose.