Rain Shows Manners by Being Considerate of Height Difference with “My Lovely Girl” Female Co-Stars

Recently revealed photos of singer-actor Rain on the set of SBS’ drama “My Lovely Girl” captured his “manner legs,” as he takes into consideration the height difference between him and his female co-stars, including f(x)‘s Krystal, actress Kim Hye Eun, and Dani of T-ara.

On September 24, the drama’s production team released pictures from the September 13 filming day, in which Rain can be seen being considerate and standing with his legs spread apart, in order to lower and match his height with the actresses in the drama.

According to their profiles, Rain stands at 185 cm (~6 ft 2 in) tall, while his female co-stars are all around 165 cm (~5 ft 5 in), which leaves about a 20 cm height difference between them, making it difficult to catch both of them in the same cut/frame.

It has been said that Rain continuously displays his “manner legs” throughout filming to make it easier for the other actresses as well as the crew members, as he is much taller than all of the female characters in the drama.

Meanwhile, “My Lovely Girl” airs every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS.
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