Golden Retriever in “My Lovely Girl” Gains Popularity

The speedy progress of the relationship between Hyun Wook (Rain) and Se Na (f(x)’s Krystal) in the first episode of “My Lovely Girl,” was aired on September 17 and has gained many viewers.

After losing his lover, So Eun, in a car accident, Hyun Wook lives together with their dog, Dalbong (Benji). He later meets Se Na, and Dalbong becomes the bridge that brings the two together. Many fans have been becoming more interested in the dog and even gave him the nickname “Pretty dog.”




Golden retrievers originated in Scotland in 1800s and were raised as hunters because of their intelligence. They are known to be patient, gentle, and loyal to its owner.

Many golden retrievers appeared in past dramas and movies, such as “Blind,” “Hearty Paws,” “Always,” and “Propose,” “My Love Toram,” “My Wife Disappeared,” “Playful Kiss,” and many more. As Park Hyung Ki, the director of “My Lovely Girl” watched an edited scene, he exclaimed that the golden retriever has excellent acting skills. One of the staff encouraged viewers to stay tuned and see what kind of role this golden retriever plays in developing Hyun Wook and Se Na’s relationship.