KBS Releases First “Tomorrow Cantabile” Video Teaser

Media network KBS has released a teaser video for its forthcoming drama “Tomorrow Cantabile,” a Korean adaptation of Japanese manga series “Nodame Cantabile.” The story tells the tale of two quirky yet gifted students who dream of becoming famous classical musicians.

The teaser is titled “Tomorrow Cantabile Teaser 1,” perhaps hinting that there will be more video teasers to come in the near future.

The video shows glimpses of the drama’s two lead stars, Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung, in the Austrian city of Salzburg. Joo Won relates an enigmatic narration, saying, “When the conductor’s baton moved, I knew it. That is the place where classical music is in the air, and you can feel classical melodies near your ears. I met her there.”

The drama is set to begin airing on KBS2 on October 13.