Krystal Sings for “My Lovely Girl” OST

“My Lovely Girl” lead Krystal has lent her voice to the drama’s OST. The song, “Ulkeok” (“Wanting to Cry,” “Choking Up”) was unveiled on digital music sites at noon on September 25.

Krystal, also a member of f(x), has been attracting attention with her portrayal of Yoon Se Na, the love interest of Rain’s character in the series. The song “Ulkeok” was first revealed on the third episode of the drama, and reports said it climbed the search engine lists immediately upon the end of the episode.

“Ulkeok” expresses the feelings of love that cannot find a voice in words.

“My Lovely Girl” is a drama portraying the relationship of the CEO of top entertainment agency AnA and the hopeful Yoon Se Na.

Krystal - My Lovely Girl OST