MYSTIC89 and Apop Entertainment to Start Collaboration Project

Labels MYSTIC89 and Apop Entertainment will be starting their collaboration project.

On September 24, MYSTIC89 released on their official Twitter and Facebook that they will be revealing the start of their collaboration with Apop Entertainnment on September 25.

In July, MYSTIC89 and Apop Entertainment released that they will be merging and start functioning as a multi-label enterprise.

MYSTIC89, led by producer and singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin, is home to many talented artists like Lim Kim, Jo Jung Chi, Park Ji Yoon, Kim Yeon Woo, Puer Kim, and Eddy Kim. Apop Entertainment is led by producer Jo Young Chul who is known for producing IU‘s “Good Day” and Gain‘s “Bloom.” It is home to hit composers like Lee Min Soo and G-Gorilla, along with lyricist Kim Eana.

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