Haha Gives a Serious Last Warning to His Impersonator

On September 24, Haha tweeted, “This is the last warning…to the person who impersonates me on Kakao Story and Facebook…This is really the last warning…Seriously the last…It is harming me as well as many others…I’ll forgive you if you admit your deeds to our company…This is the last warning…”

925 haha tweet

It seems like Haha has been facing impersonators for quite a while. Prior to this message he had revealed, “I started Facebook. I heard that there were people impersonating me but now I am on Facebook as well.” With this statement he even uploaded a screenshot of his Facebook page to confirm his identity.

Meanwhile, Haha isn’t the only one who is suffering from impersonators. Some people seem to be taking advantage of the fact that celebrities use many types of SNS to connect with their fans. Now it has come to a point where not only the celebrity themselves, but the fans and management agencies are forced to be careful and aware of these impersonating accounts.