W Magazine Hits Up YG and Samsung’s NONAGON Launching Party + Event Video

W Magazine hit up the launching party and fashion show for YG and Samsung’s new fashion brand NONAGON (NONA9ON), and the publication recently unveiled their behind-the-scenes photos of the stars in attendance, including BIGBANG Taeyang, 2NE1 CL, iKON Bobby, actress Choi Ji Woo, and others.

nonagon 1

MCs for the night, Taeyang and CL look pumped backstage.

nonagon 2

A NONAGON video shown on a screen made of Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

nonagon 3

G-Dragon and stylist Yang Seung Ho at the fashion show.

nonagon 4

T.O.P hits the camera with his signature piercing stare.

nonagon 5

Epik High members Mithra Jin and Tukutz, who was the DJ for the night.

nonagon 6

Cha Seung Won and Choi Ji Woo rocking the black leather.

nonagon 7

Bobby backstage before his performance. (Check out the video at the end.)

nonagon 8

PSY and T.O.P

Check out the video for a glimpse at the red carpet event, fashion show, and Bobby’s performance.

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