Park Hae Jin Explains His Psychopathic “Bad Guys” Character

On September 25, a production press conference was held for the upcoming OCN drama “Bad Guys.”

In the drama, actor Park Hae Jin is set to portray a genius psychopath, Lee Jung Moon. With regards to the character, Park Hae Jin stated, “They say he’s the youngest serial killer ever but in the drama he’s in his late twenties. This psychopathic character isn’t the usual impulsive kind, but rather, he’s a member within society. I think you’ll feel that this is a new type of psychopath as you watch him get manipulated, as well as how he is used to solve crimes. I looked into a lot of different works but the director said he really liked the film ‘Drive,’ so I’m using that as a reference.”

Meanwhile, “Bad Guys” will be about a police detective that uses the help of violent criminals in order to stop an even worse criminal. It will showcase the teamwork of writer Han Jung Hoon, who also wrote “Vampire Prosecutor,” and director Kim Jung Min, who also directed “The Scary Rookie.” The drama will stars Kim Sang Joong, Ma Dong Suk, Jo Dong Hyuk, and Kang Ye Won. The first episode will air on October 4 on OCN.

You can see the trailers and more stills of Park Hae Jin here:

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Who’s looking forward to this drama?