Ailee Reveals Diet Plan That Resulted in 10kg Weight Loss, Says It Was Most Difficult Part of Comeback Preparations

On September 25, singer Ailee held a comeback showcase for the release of her third mini album titled “Magazine” at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul.

During her comeback showcase, Ailee confessed, “The hardest part of my album preparations was losing weight and practicing singing.”

In total, Ailee lost about 10 kilograms (~22 pounds) for her latest comeback, showing off a completely changed figure.

She explained her diet, saying, “I felt like I was going to collapse every day. I only ate 500 kcal per day. My protein intake came from shrimp, beef, chicken breast, and crab meat, which I ate with two cups of vegetables and one cup of fruit. I ate only two meals a day.”

Ailee continued to share the effects of her weight loss: “I lost a lot of energy all of a sudden, so my stamina was lacking. I was told that my lungpower became weaker and that my voice had changed. However, I’m trying my best to not let it get any weaker.”