Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Talks About Maintaining Her Figure During Promotions

Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation has revealed how she takes care of her body during hectic promotions.

On September 25, the members of Girls’ Generation’s subunit TaeTiSeo were guests on KBC CoolFM’s “Cho Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min’s Two O’Clock.”

When asked to share her tips and tricks on maintaining a beautiful figure, Taeyeon confessed, “I don’t take care of my body in any special way. I try to eat as well as possible, however. Actually, I was worried about losing my cheek fat, so I ate more this time around. Because of our high activity level, I tend to lose weight.”

Hearing this, DJ Jang Dong Min asked, “What about those who don’t lose weight despite being active?”

Taeyeon replied, laughing, “In that case, [it helps if you] go through inner struggles and heartache.”

TaeTiSeo is currently promoting their comeback track, “Holler.”