Jung Woo Sung Says He Wasn’t Dissing Anyone in His Hollywood Comment

Actor Jung Woo Sung clarified in another interview that he was not specifically dissing anyone with his previous comments on Hollywood.

Previously, in an interview for his latest movie “Scarlet Innocence,” Jung Woo Sung brought up that he didn’t understand why Asian actors must make it their goal to enter Hollywood if it meant that they only got supporting roles or villain roles. Many accused him of dissing Lee Byung Hun and Choi Min Sik.

In a separate interview, Jung Woo Sung clarified, “What I said earlier was strictly my personal opinion. I was not trying to determine whether it was good or bad that actors wanted to go to Hollywood.” He then added, “I was just saying that I wanted to play main characters. I personally don’t want to play supporting characters in someone else’s country.”

However, he was firm in his stance on Hollywood. “One thing for certain is that Hollywood still takes Asian actors and makes villains out of them. It’s disappointing to see how they perceive Asian actors. It’s not every actor’s goal to enter Hollywood. But there are many actors who have different goals and different opinions from me. And I don’t have a reason or an intent to diss them.”

He further spoke his thoughts on playing villains. Formerly, Jung Woo Sung has played a villain in 2013 thriller hit, “Cold Eyes.” “Villains can be fascinating characters too. I wasn’t saying that portraying villains is bad, but the article made it sound like I said it that way. The reality is that Asian actors are constantly only cast in villain roles in Hollywood. That hasn’t changed for a long time.”