Park Hae Jin Says He Would Have Turned Down “Bad Guys” If It Was on Major Network Channel

Actor Park Hae Jin showed his dedication to his upcoming drama “Bad Guys” during a press conference.

He specifically commented on the drama being produced by cable movie channel OCN. “If ‘Bad Guys’ was being produced by a major network channel, I would have declined the offer. Since cable channels have more freedom of expression, I decided to do it because I would be able to show more. If you start taking things out from this script because of the rating, there isn’t anything to show. Our drama will be different because it will be realistic.”

He also talked about his character in the drama. “All the previous characters I’ve played have a tendency to pretend like they’re nice people. Lee Jung Moon is a complex villain, and I thought it would be perfect to portray him as a cold, cynical person, as opposed to someone who’s just ambitious.”

Park Hae Jin’s character in “Bad Guys,” Lee Jung Moon, is a Mensa member prodigy who holds the title of being the “youngest serial killer.”

“Bad Guys” premieres on OCN on October 4.