Sooyoung Reveals Thoughts on Her Acting as Well as Age Gap with Kam Woo Sung in “My Spring Day”

On September 25, a press conference for “My Spring Day” was held at MBC Sangam Center in Seoul. With regards to the compliments she received on her acting, Sooyoung responded, “I can’t be thankful enough. I think it helped to keep myself calm.” She continued, “There were many times I was pricked by my conscience as I monitored the drama. There were many times where I was disappointed with myself. I’m not sure if it is because the expectations weren’t very high from the start, but I can’t thank everyone enough for the compliments.”

She also revealed, “I wasn’t totally bent on focusing on the fact that I was the female lead character. Rather, I was more focused on whether my worries about people’s prejudice would show up in my acting.” And when questioned about her character, she said, “To get more connected to the character, I try to always remember the fact that I am a character that had received a heart transplant. I also try to focus on the fact that I’m a woman that has already been through a life and death situation where my time in this world was limited. I thought about how I would portray this woman—young but already experienced with going to and coming back from the edge of the world.”

Her age gap with her costar, Kam Woo Sung, was also brought up. She claimed, “Kam Woo Sung looks young for his age, while I look a little older for my age. I think that’s why we don’t look like we have a huge age gap in the drama.”

She continued, “It hurts and makes me sad to just see senior Kam Woo Sung, even when he’s standing without any kind of special motion. I see him as Dong Ha and this helps me engage myself into my own character.”

Meanwhile, “My Spring Day” is about a young woman that gets a second chance at life with a heart transplant. A theme of cellular memory is carried throughout the plot, and she eventually falls in love with the husband of her donor. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.