Yoon Jong Shin Drops “Gray City” Music Video Featuring Swings, Inspired By a Video Game

Yoon Jong Shin has released a music video for the song “Gray City.” The track features the vocals of rapper Swings, and is part of the Monthly Yoon Jong Shin project, which sees the star release one song every month.

Many Monthly Yoon Jong Shin releases are collaborations, and some of the K-pop stars Yoon Jong Shin has released songs with include Younha, Kim Wan Sun, and Winner members Kang Seung Yoon and Song Min Ho.

The song starts with a spoken word section in English. It has a downtempo, melancholic RnB theme to it, which abruptly changes during Swings’ powerful rap verses.

The video features cartoon images featuring what appear to be detectives. In fact, the song is inspired by the video game “Gray City 2,” a mystery adventure game for mobile phones.