Kim So Hyun Gives an Alluring Gaze in Elle Photoshoot

On September 23, actress Kim So Hyun uploaded two photos onto her personal Instagram. These photos turned out to be cuts from her new Elle pictorial. In the photos, Kim So Hyun looks much more mature than how she is portrayed in her dramas. The photos have an overall dreamy aura around them, and Kim So Hyun’s expressionless face gazing into the camera adds to the mysterious allure. The clothes themselves also added to the mature look. Kim So Hyun was fashionably dressed in a knit with a laced long skirt, for an elegant fall look.

The actress’s behind-the-scenes cuts were also revealed. Even in these photos Kim So Hyun looks flawless. Though the concept seems more mature than her usual image, she still hasn’t lost her signature doll-like posture. The staff members present on set revealed that Kim So Hyun monitored her cuts in great detail during her break, which brought amazement to the set.

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Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun is currently starring in OCN’s Sunday drama, “Reset,” alongside Chun Jung Myung. She plays both Seung Hee and Jo Eun Bee, the former being the first love of the lead, Cha Woo Jin (Chun Jung Myung), and the latter being a teenage kid that reminds Cha Woo Jin of his past trauma.

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