Way to Join Twin Sister ChoA in Crayon Pop Subunit

Crayon Pop has revealed that Way will be the second and final member of the girl group’s as-yet-unnamed subunit. The singer will join her twin sister ChoA in the two-member group, and a debut release is slated for release sometime in October.

The group broke the news through a Twitter post by Way, who included a photograph of herself clutching a cuddly toy. She wrote, “Hello, everybody! The second and last member of the Crayon Pop subunit is me, Way! ChoA and I will be making a twin subunit. Please keep an eye out and support us! What do you think the Crayon Pop subunit should be called?”


The group had already revealed that ChoA would be the first member of the subunit in a similar Tweet posted on September 25.

A spokesperson for Chrome Entertainment, the talent agency that represents the group, said, “We have been thinking about how great it would be to make a twin group ever since ChoA and Way were recruited to Crayon Pop.”

The agency also stated that the final touches were now being put on the subunit’s music, image and concept. The representative asked fans to “please wait a little longer” before further details were revealed.