Im Soo Jung Discusses Her Interest in Writing and Artistic Space in Interview with Marie Claire

Actress Im Soo Jung transformed into an interviewer as a member of the “Artist Sponsorship Project by Im Soo Jung.” This project supports struggling and unknown artists in various fields, and Im Soo Jung is partnering with the fashion magazine Marie Claire. The interview was held as they visited visual artist Jang Seong Eun and illustrator No Joon Goo.

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Im Soo Jung shared that she has always been interested in the space where one can find oneself and she continued on to say that it was amazing that all the artists she have met during this project were all working on projects that are affected by the space they are in. She also added that this has been a time for her to fill her own space as she looked into other’s spaces.

Im Soo Jung revealed she is writing in her spare time in order to express herself more honestly. She described writing as a fun and secretive activity, showing her affection for the solitary act.

Donation collected from the “Artist Sponsorship Project by Im Soo Jung” will be used as funds to help struggling artists buy materials, hold private exhibitions, and study abroad.

Also check out the photo spread of Im Soo Jung accompanying this Marie Claire piece.

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