Actor Yoon Park Confesses He Is Currently in a Relationship on “Happy Together,” JYP Entertainment Confirms

On the September 25 broadcast of KBS’ “Happy Together,” actor Yoon Park confessed honestly to being in a relationship at the moment.

When one of the MCs asked the actor, “When was the last you dated?” Yoon Park hesitated to answer the question right away. This caused everyone to wonder if he is currently dating, to which he answered, “Yes.”

After admitting that he was in a relationship, he seemed to panic a bit, explaining that he hasn’t spoken to his agency yet about discussing the matter on broadcast.

However, the MCs couldn’t hold back their curiosity and continued to ask Yoon Park about his current girlfriend. He shared, “She is a student and we’ve been dating for 222 days.”

Following the broadcast, JYP Entertainment revealed to a media outlet, “We were already aware of Yoon Park’s relationship. Everything he said on broadcast is true.”

Meanwhile, the main cast of the drama “What’s With This Family” also appeared as guests on this week’s “Happy Together.”
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