Harper’s Bazaar Releases After School Nana’s Outerwear Photo Shoot

A sporty photo shoot of Nana from After School has been released. Nana has gained popularity in the SBS show, “Roommate” as a charming character. She presented a cool and edgy look in this photo shoot that “Harper’s Bazaar” October edition produced with women’s contemporary and character casual brand, Coming Step.

This photo shoot was based on Coming Step’s 2014 Fall/Winter season concept of music. Active professionals in the fashion field such as photographers, An Joo Young, and stylist, Kim Yoon Mi participated in the photo shoot.

Nana displayed a unique styling of outerwear that was arranged with items that were classic and basic. She also introduced minimalist coat, sporty jacket, and pearl jacket with black and white mix that will be in style for this fall/winter season. As a former fashion model, Nana expressed the arrangements of the sporty items in a classy way and she showed off her idol star presence as she pulled off the music concept very well.

There were reports that Nana not only livened up the photo studio with her vibrant energy and professional attitude but she amazed the staffs with her slim figure and bold poses.

Coming Step representative shared that Nana participated in the photo shoot without displaying tiredness despite her busy schedule and added that she properly expressed the characteristic and concept of the product with her chic poses.

Sensible photo shoot of Nana can be found on “Harper’s Bazaar” October edition and Coming Step’s website.

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