Clara Shows Off Her Beautiful Figure Built by Yoga

Actress Clara shared her beautiful figure with the public. She posted pictures of herself on Facebook on September 26 with a description that read “Yoga Clara.”

In the photo Clara shared, she is outdoors wearing a tight outfit that shows her figure in advanced yoga positions. Her athletic, sexy body and her provocative eyes grab the attention of the viewers. Netizens commented that Clara is indeed a body goddess and that they want to.

Clara is holding a launching event for her own charity fashion brand, Audrey C, on September 29. Audrey C products include leggings named ‘Laraggings’ that Clara is found modeling at the Audrey C website.

Clara is currently working with designer Choi Bum Seok in SBS program, “Fashion King Korea Season 2” and is preparing for the release of her movie, “Working Girl.”