Secret’s Sunhwa Does A Sexy Pictorial For GQ Korea

Han Sunhwa of Secret has expanded her range of activities by going into acting and released an eye-grabbing, sexy pictorial.

Men’s magazine G” released the pictorial and interview of Han Sunhwa on September 24. In the pictures, she is wearing a big, white shirt with a huge hole in it. Sunhwa is drawing admiration for secretly exposing her lingerie while at the same time showing off her sexiness by only wearing a t-shirt.

Sunhwa is currently preparing for her role in “Rosy Lovers,” so she is rewatching “We Got Married.” Sunhwa stated “My character is a bright, 22-year-old kid. I am watching “We Got Married” again to find my bright appearance from that time.”

She added “I am so worried about what source I create my character from that I cannot sleep,” which shows how earnest she is while doing research for her role.

Sunhwa went on to say “The wounds inside of me are healing as I act. Acting is something I can lean against,” showing her affection for acting. “Lately my fans have liked that I am acting. I feel really good hearing good things and seeing good articles while I act.”

Sunhwa’s honest interview can be read in full in the October issue of “GQ Korea.”




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