“Show Me the Money” Iron to Have a Special Collaboration Stage with Kim Bum Soo

On September 26, “Show Me the Money 3” finalist Iron uploaded a photo onto his personal Instagram. In the photo, Iron and Kim Bum Soo can be seen focusing their attention in practicing for their performance. It was reported earlier that Iron would guest appear in Kim Bum Soo’s solo concert, “2014 Kim Bum Soo Get Alright Show Before & After,” which will open on October 4 and October 5.

Iron was able to meet Kim Bum Soo through his “Show Me the Money” producer, Yang Dong Geun. Kim Bum Soo claimed that he was moved by Iron’s performances, and asked Iron to do a collaboration stage with him. During the concert, Iron and Kim Bum Soo will not only perform their collaboration song, “Spite,” which took over the tops of many music charts, but also perform a variety of other collaboration pieces as well.

With regards to the collaboration opportunity, Iron stated, “I’m greatly honored to be on the stage of Kim Bum Soo’s solo concert, as he had been a senior I’ve always admired. I’m planning to show a perfect performance so as not to make a nuisance at the concert, so it is worth looking forward to.”