A Pink’s Campaign For the Construction of a Lou Gehrig’s Hospital Exceeds Target Donation Sum within a Day

On September 26, A Pink collaborated with WEGENERATION to campaign for the construction of a hospital specializing in the treatment of Lou Gehrig’s disease. WEGENERATION is an organization that aims to raise awareness for diseases and disorders by teaming up with celebrities for promotion. They started the campaign for Lou Gehrig’s disease after the wave of Ice Bucket Challenges that swept the world. For this particular campaign, the organization teamed up with A Pink.

The members of A Pink have already participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and recently decided to join the campaign to aggressively raise more awareness for the disease. Many fans seemed to have participated in this campaign, as they have already surpassed their target donation sum of 1,000,000 Won (approximately 1000 USD) over the course of a day. Any additional donations will also be added to the total sum, which will later be given to the Seungil Hope Foundation.

The campaign will continue until November 7.

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