BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and A Pink’s Chorong Share Their First On-Screen Kiss in “Plus Nine Boys”

On episode nine of “Plus Nine Boys” that aired on September 26, Kang Min Gu (Yook Sungjae) and Han Soo Ah (Park Chorong) went on a sweet date.

It was love at first sight when Min Gu fell for Soo Ah. After persistent attempts by Min Gu, Soo Ah finally opened up her heart to him. They finally went on a date as an official couple and Min Gu even ran back to her home after she got off the bus.

However, it wasn’t always enjoyable for Soo Ah, as she was lying to Min Gu about her age after failing the college entrance exam three times. Despite her age, she calls Min Gu “oppa” (a title given to an older male by a younger female). Unlike the ecstatic Min Gu, Soo Ah continued their date full of anxiety.

927 plus nine boys kiss

During their cute library date, they shared a special moment in a corner. Swept into the moment, Min Gu impulsively pulled Soo Ah in for a kiss. This served as Sungjae and Chorong’s first on-screen kiss, and raised anticipation among fans for the next development in their realtionship.

You can view this scene here:

Meanwhile, “Plus Nine Boys” airs every Friday and Saturday on tvN. Who’s a fan of this on screen couple?