Tae Jin Ah Reveals Wheesung’s Post-“Hidden Singer” Thoughts on His Own Episode

Tae Jin Ah recently finished recording his upcoming episode on “Hidden Singer 3.” In an interview, Tae Jin Ah was asked about Wheesung, who happens to be an artist under his company as well as one of the most memorable artists to guest on “Hidden Singer 2.” Tae Jin Ah revealed, “Wheesung said, ‘I think you have to buy me some meat. I think I have to go to the hospital after the recording,’ so I actually bought him meat and took him to the hospital after recording his episode.”

927 hidden singer wheesung

At the time, Wheesung competed against “I Love You, Wheesung” Kim Jin Ho, “Seoul University Wheesung” Park Joon Young, and other skilled mimic singers on “Hidden Singer 2.” Apparently Wheesung had been having a hard time, and Tae Jin Ah had told him, “Just enjoy it. So what if you get eliminated?” Recalling his own comment, Tae Jin Ah said, “Now that I’m in the shoes of the guest artist I understand why Wheesung couldn’t just enjoy it.”

Before the rounds began Tae Jin Ah had been sure that there wouldn’t be a contestant that could mimic his signature husky voice. But as the rounds carried on, not only could the contestants mimic his voice but they could mimic the emotions behind his songs. His inevitable struggle is said to have continued throughout the rest of the rounds.

Meanwhile, the trot legend Tae Jin Ah’s guest appearance on “Hidden Singer 3” will be aired September 27 on JTBC.