g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Has Become the Hottest Trend in Variety Shows

On September 27, g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung uploaded a photo of himself onto his personal Instagram. In the caption, he said, “Wow…Around 11 p.m. tonight there will be two programs on at the same time~ tvN’s ‘First Day of Work,’ and MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World’…Whew~ which one are you guys going to watch on time and which one are you guys going to download?” The photos posted are Park Joon Hyung’s stills from both “Quiz to Change the World” and “First Day of Work,” which will be aired simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Park Joon Hyung is gaining much popularity through his humorous personality on many different variety shows. He is also a recurring member on SBS’ “Roommate Season 2.”