Crayon Pop’s Gummi Cast for Lead Role in New Web Drama

Crayon Pop member Gummi will debut as an actress through an upcoming web drama titled, “Six-Person Room.”

Produced by the Safety Management Agency, the drama strives to spread awareness of safety and incidents taking place at the hospital, such as industrial accidents. The main focus will be on a six-person room and its patients, one of whom is Lee Ji Won, played by Gummi. Envied by the hospital staff and admired by the male patients for her beautiful looks, Lee Ji Won was hospitalized after getting involved in a traffic accident.

Gummi will be acting alongside rising star Sung Hoon, who recently appeared on “Passionate Love” and “The Birth of a Family.” The actor will take on the role of Kim Min Soo, the handsome but silly assistant manager of a large construction company, who ends up in the hospital after sustaining injuries at a construction site.

“Six-Person Room” will air via Safety Management Agency’s social media and Naver in November.