Park Gun Hyung Announces Temporary Leave of Absence from “Real Men” Due to Injury

On September 25 a representative from Park Gun Hyung’s management company, Namoo Actors, announced that the actor was recently diagnosed with a herniated disk at a local hospital.

Because he will require complete rest to recover from the injury, it is likely to interfere with his current and future activities. The actor was in the midst of preparations for an encore performance of the musical “Hedwig” that was scheduled to take place in October.

The representative stated, “Park Gun Hyung is currently receiving outpatient treatment for pain caused by his condition, and we are watching circumstances as they develop. However, the doctor’s opinion is that it would be dangerous for him to continue with his present schedule. It is unlikely he will be able to appear in ‘Hedwig’ or participate in filming MBC’s ‘Real Men’ during the month of October. He apologizes for causing his fans to worry and will devote all of his efforts to healing quickly. Of course Namoo Actors will continue to support him throughout his recovery.”

Wishing him a speedy recovery!