“My Lovely Girl,” the Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama, is surging in popularity in China. On China’s largest video sites, Youku and Tudou, the drama is displaying its popularity by showing explosive growth in the number of views.

In just one day on September 26, “My Lovely Girl” recorded more than 7.5 million views, and in just ten days has accumulated over 40 million views. On Youku and Tudou, “My Lovely Girl” is number one for Korean dramas and number three overall for dramas. The explosive number of views exceeds what “My Love From The Star” and “It’s Okay, It’s Love” achieved.

Following this trend, by the time episode nine airs in the middle of October, “My Lovely Girl” could exceed 100 million views. Hit dramas in Korea on average record 150 million views, and “My Lovely Girl” could achieve that as well.

“My Lovely Girl’s” popularity is so strong that even China’s largest broadcaster, CCTV, reported extensively about the drama’s popularity within China.

What makes “My Lovely Girl” so popular in China are the emotions of interest and joy in the storyline that has whimsical elements about a fateful love. A man lost his lover in an accident and he met the younger sister of his former lover through music, starting a miraculous love. That has instilled anticipation in the Chinese Hallyu fans who get to experience the emotions of a whimsical love once again.

The drama uses the music industry as a background, and with star idols such as Krystal, L and Hoya appearing in the drama, Chinese fans are more interested in the drama. Another reason for the popularity is that the Chinese fans can see these idols on stage through the drama as it is hard for these fans to see the idols perform in person.


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