Hong Jong Hyun Personally Makes Yura an Easel for Their 100th Day of Marriage

Model-actor Hong Jong Hyun gave an easel that he personally made to his virtual wife, Girl’s Day‘s Yura, as a present for their 100th day of marriage.

On the episode of the MBC variety program “We Got Married – Season 4” that aired on September 27, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura went on vacation together. In the evening, he stated “In just a few days it will be our 100th day [of marriage],” and he prepared a candle event for Yura.

Hong Jong Hyun actually worked on making the easel during his free time, and without any prior information, Yura asked “Is that an easel?” Following the end of the show, viewers expressed their surprise by how Yura was able to correctly guess her husband’s present.

Meanwhile, this episode of “We Got Married – Season 4″ continued after last week’s first meeting between Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, Hong Jin Young meeting Nam Goong Min’s younger sibling’s spouse, and Hong Jong Hyun and Yura going on vacation to Jeonnam.


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