Lee Hyori Gives Fans A Peek Into Her Sweet Life In Jeju Island

Lee Hyori, who has preferred to live a quiet life in Jeju Island together with her husband Lee Sang Soon after they got married, has given her fans a peek into her island lifestyle.

On September 26, Lee Hyori uploaded on her personal blog a series of photos depicting a day in her life in Jeju Island. The singer is seen picking persimmons from trees in her sister’s yard.

“Persimmons have grown in bunches at the yard of my big sister who lives in Jeju Island. I was contented with just looking and I was just appreciating them without thinking of doing any work. The nice, blooming (fruits) were very beautiful,” said Lee Hyori in her blog post together with the photos.

Lee Hyori then said, “I ate a ripe persimmon with one bite and the sweet and tender flavor spread in my mouth,” and showed a photo of her eating a persimmon.

“The heart is naturally filled under the refreshing wind and warm sunlight of fall,.” said Lee Hyori together with the photos that showed her picking the persimmons.

Finally, in the photo with all the picked persimmons and her dog, Lee Hyori said, “Even if I give them away in bunches, they’re still many~ Since it’s too many to just eat, I’ll try to make persimmon vinegar tomorrow.”

Lee Hyori