Yang Dong Geun’s Nose-Picking Is a “Trademark” of His “The Three Musketeers” Character

The Three Musketeers” star Yang Dong Geun‘s has been making headlines for his portrayal of nose-picking character Heo Seung Po in the drama.

Several episodes of the drama have featured scenes of the actor with his finger in his nose, and journalists are saying that the habit has become one of the “trademarks” of the colorful character. Other distinctive features of the character include a very unique way of speaking and a unusual range of facial expressions.

Writers are now speculating as to whether Heo Seung Po’s character was supposed to be a nose-picker, or if Yang Dong Geun was ad-libbing in these scenes.

The show’s producer, Lee Young Ok, explained, “Each character in the drama (including Heo Seung Po) is supposed to be witty and funny. We wanted to make a fusion-period drama that is both interesting and romantic. Please pay attention to all of the characters in this series.”

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