Sunmi Sheds Tears after Being Eliminated from “Fashion King Korea 2”

Solo artist Sunmi could not help tearing up after being eliminated from SBS’ reality show “Fashion King Korea 2.”

On the September 27 episode of the program, Sunmi and designer Yang Hee Min received the least votes from the judges, and thus became the second team to leave the show.

The teams were asked to design a stylish but comfortable look fit for outdoor activities. In addition to the outfit, each team prepared an impressive performance to promote their design.

Unfortunately, Sunmi and Yang Hee Min failed to meet the judges’ expectations and were eliminated from the show. On stage, Sunmi thanked her partner for guidance: “I learnt a lot from Yang Hee Min, so this has been a precious experience.”

During an interview with the producers, Sunmi burst in tears while revealing her innermost feelings: “Filming did not feel like work, but it rather felt like having fun.”

“Fashion King Korea 2” airs on Saturdays at 12:15 a.m.