Girl’s Day’s Yura Talks About Her Newest Character For Drama “Be Arrogant”

Girl’s Day’s Yura will be one of the main starring characters of the SBS Plus mini-drama Be Arrogant.” Other actors include Yoo Min Gyu and Shin So Yul.

“Be Arrogant” is about three people involved in the business on an fashion shopping mall and the love triangle that is created between them.

In the drama, Yura has received the role of Hong Hara who is a bright girl with a positive outlook on life. She is a sweet girl who believes that every time she falls in love, it would last forever. 

Yoo Min Gyu plays Yura’s present boyfriend as well as the ex-boyfriend of Do Ra Hee (played by Shin So Yul. Though he is not mature all the time, he is a character no one cannot seem to resist.

Shin So Yul’s character is a girl who has spent the last ten years in the fashion business. After dating No Cheol (played by Yoo Min Gyu) for six years, she is now sick of men and her number one goal is to gain more money.

On her character, Yura said, “When I first read the script I thought to myself that the writer must have written this drama by thinking about me because that’s how much I could relate to my character. I think I can play this character very well.”

Yoo Min Gyu said, “No Cheol’s character seem attractive and since all the actors get along well together, I think we can have some fun filming,” and Shin So Yul said, “My character is a cool and relaxed person who gets crazy from time to time and she and I are so alike.”

The producer Yoon Ryu Hae said, “Yura has a bright and healthy image, Shin So Yul is a unique character and Yoo Min Gyu boasts a handsome face so I think the chemistry between the three is going to be good. I’m excited for this image.”

The drama will air its first episode on October 27.

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