T-ara Signs with Chinese Management to Advance into China

T-ara is receiving interest for holding a press conference for their advancement into China.

According to Core Contents Media, T-ara is the first Korean girl group to sign with Chinese management. The agency is confident that it can make T-ara the best girl group in China, which is currently affected by the K-pop fever. Currently the members are participating in dramas, movies ,and CFs.

T-ara will be in China from October 12 to October 16 for their Chinese activities, and will hold a signing event and press conference in which over 100 press companies requested to be there on October 13 at a global hotel in Beijing. T-ara is realizing in person their popularity in China.

T-ara has signed a contract for about $5 million USD and could possibly sell $16.5 million in a year, according to Core Contents Media. After holding the press conference to genuinely start their Chinese activities, T-ara will appear in China’s best programs and interview with over 100 media companies. Upon finishing all of that, T-ara will be holding concerts, shooting CFs, playing in dramas, etc. in China.

Whenever T-ara releases a music video, it takes the number one spot on Yinyuetai (China’s YouTube), and “Sugar Free” accomplished the same feat. Hyomin’s “Nice Body” even ranked fourth and sixth on the charts.

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