Crayon Pop’s ChoA and Way Reveal Unit Name “Strawberry Milk” and First Teaser Photo

Twins sisters ChoA and Way of Crayon Pop will be promoting as a unit group under the name Strawberry Milk!

After announcing a fun event on September 27 and asking for fans to guess the name of the new unit, Chrome Entertainment has now revealed more details on the duo’s debut. In the previously unveiled teaser photo, those with keen vision can spot small cartons of strawberry-flavored milk on the shelves of the convenience store, and like some fans guessed, the unit’s name is indeed Strawberry Milk!

A representative of their agency explained, “ChoA and Way both like milk, so we came up with the idea of including ‘milk’ in the unit’s name, and as strawberry milk fits the team’s image, we decided to name the unit ‘Strawberry Milk.'”

In the teaser picture, the twins are sporting the same sweater in contrasting colors while striking the same pose for the camera.

Strawberry Milk will debut in October.