Actress Fujii Mina Joins the Cast Lineup of “My Sassy Girl 2”

It is confirmed that Japanese actress Fujii Mina has been cast to act alongside actor Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)’s Victoria in the upcoming movie “My Sassy Girl 2,” making the cast lineup a global one.

On September 29, a representative of the actress’s agency told MBN Star, “It is true that Fujii Mina will be joining ‘My Sassy Girl 2.’ In the movie, she will be appearing as a character who admires Kyun Woo (Cha Tae Hyun).”

It has been revealed that the cast and crew began filming today in Busan and are currently holding a ‘gosa’ ceremony (prayer/ritual to avoid misfortune and bring good luck) for the movie.

According to another movie official, Fujii Mina’s character will also have a few run-ins with Victoria’s character, making her a key role in the story line.

Meanwhile, “My Sassy Girl 2” is scheduled to premiere both in Korea and China in May of next year.