Taecyeon Shows How to Be Active in a Suit for New Photoshoot

As a model for clothing brand Sieg Farenheit, 2PM’s Taecyeon participated in an additional photoshoot. In the newly released pictorial Taecyeon can be seen in a monotone suit that fits well with the autumn season. Unlike many other pictorials advertising men’s suits, this one seems a little different in that Taecyeon is seen participating in extreme sports and being very active.

929 taecyeon 3

929 taecyeon 2

929 taecyeon 1

His charismatic expressions seem to express the concept of high maintenance well, as it was supposed to send a message advertising the quality of the suit. This “extreme suit” is meant for high activity while keeping it stylish. The fact that the suit is highly functional as well as fashionable, the brand is currently gaining much popularity among the male population.

What do you think of the combination of extreme sports and formal suits?