TaeTiSeo Talks Girls’ Generation and “Holler” in Latest Pictorial for High Cut

TaeTiSeo‘s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun transformed into New York autumn girls.

TaeTiSeo recently participated in a pictorial for star style magazine High Cut. TaeTiSeo makes one think of downtown girls with the sensibility of freedom as the girls wear silk dresses and berets.

The girls became sexier through “Holler,” and in the interview with High Cut, Tiffany stated “We wanted to break free of the standard concept. We wanted to include our current style.” Seohyun added, “We agreed to express our natural maturity through music.”

In regards to Girls’ Generation being the number one girl group, Taeyeon stated, “The members, the company, and everyone says that the pride and trust in Girls’ Generation is why the group has endured until now.”

Seohyun, who graduated from university earlier this year, said, “I majored in acting in university because I want a proper challenge in acting. My goal is to become an actress that people trust.”

TaeTiSeo’s pictorial will be in the 135th issue of High Cut which will be released on October 2.




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