g.o.d Will Have Their First US Concert in November

On September 30, group g.o.d’s management agency, Sidus HQ, revealed that g.o.d will hold their first US concert later this year in November. The dates have been set to November 7 and 9 in Los Angeles and New Jersey, respectively.

In the 15 years since g.o.d’s debut, this will be their first solo concert in the US. That being said, they revealed that they will be putting more effort into constructing never-before-seen performances as an entire group.

Meanwhile, the group has been busy with their national tour, which started this past July in Seoul, and continued across Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, and Daejun. On October 25, they will have an encore concert that will put an end to their national tour. After performing for 70,000 Korean fans, g.o.d will continue overseas.

Any US Soompiers out there planning to go?

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