Jo Dong Hyuk Loses 5kg for “Bad Guys” Role

The makers of upcoming OCN drama “Bad Guys” have released a collage of two still images of star Jo Dong Hyuk. The actor is shown standing next to a locker, in a state of undress and displaying an impressive six-pack.

The star is said to have lost 5kg (around 11 pounds) in preparation for his role as Jung Tae Soo in the new drama, and has been taking classes at an academy for action movie actors.

“Bad Guys” tells the story of a motley crew of criminals that is recruited by the police to fight against a dangerous mob ring.

Jo Moon Ju, the producer in charge of the new series, explained, “Jo Dong Hyuk is a really hard working actor. He had already done a lot of preparation to for his role before we had even started filming. I am sure viewers won’t be disappointed by his acting and the action scenes that he features in.”

“Bad Guys” will begin airing on October 4.