[VIDEO] Teen Top Rocks AS4U

Teen Top is a group that means business when they appear on variety programs – it seems to them that there is no such thing as “shame.” This is lucky for us – we’ve seen them perfect their flying kick on their own members without remorse and this same desire to just have fun has carried over to their episode special on KBS’s “A Song For You!”

This time, the members reveal their current level of aegyo prowess (hint: low), the choreography “black hole,” and their love for fans. It’s a great episode and the original MCs of Amber, Kangin, and Sungjae reunite to make it happen.

Here is the round-up of some of the many reasons Teen Top made AS4U a must-watch this week:

1. Kangin’s triumphant return… 


…. that no one welcomes?

2. Kangin’s flirting techniques!?


That he had to stop himself from saying, next time Kangin! NEXT TIME! We gotta know how you get all the noonas.

3. Guess who Teen Top’s King of Mistakes is?


Chunji! Apparently he doesn’t really think about choreography… and it shows.

4. Teen Top’s aegyo.


I think they have proved that they no longer fit the aegyo genre. You have to watch it to appreciate their… inability… to be cute.



Who is the best member? Will the AS4U MCs ever win a game on their own program?

6. Performances!


“Date” and “Missing” done 100% live~

Catch all of their AS4U antics now:

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