Producer of “Roommate 2” Explains Bae Jong Ok’s Casting

Producer of “Roommate 2” explained the backstory behind actress Bae Jong Ok‘s casting on the show during an interview.

Producer Park Sang Hyuk said, “Bae Jong Ok represents the biggest change in season two of ‘Roommate’ from its previous season.”

A fan of the acclaimed actress, the producer further explained how she got to be on the show. “The casting started out with personal curiosity. And we thought her character would fill what season one lacked. The concept of season two is a family that shares and matures together, and we thought Bae Jong Ok would be a great role model for both the idol stars and the young actors.”

Initially, Bae Jong Ok turned down the offer. She has never appeared on a variety show, although she’s been on talks shows before. “So we even went to her door to ask her to reconsider.” After talking to her acquaintances who urged her to give it a go, Baek Jong Ok finally decided to appear on “Roommate 2.”

According to Producer Park, she is now very much enjoying her time in the shared house.