Seven Hilarious Reasons to Watch “Blade Man”

If you’re still on the fence about starting KBS’s Blade Man,” here are some legit (and very hilarious) reasons why you should definitely watch.

If you like a lead who has a heightened sense of smell… Joo Hong Bin is the one for you!


Due to some very random things we still don’t know about, Hong Bin’s sense of smell makes you think he’s part dog.

He loves to sniff people.


Especially our leading lady, Son Se Dong — although she thinks he’s a pervert.

Hong Bin has a very loyal (and incredibly adorbs) assistant.


I’m telling you Secretary Ko is part ninja and oh so clueless at times, but extremely loyal to our Marvel mash-up of a CEO.

Then you add in an equally adorbs kid, and you officially have too much cuteness.


Hong Bin’s son, Chang, is the cutest thing ever especially since he wants to marry his Se Dong noona. Awww.

We can’t forget about Hong Bin’s blades…


So apparently he’s like Wolverine and Storm rolled into one: sprouts blades and can cause thunderstorms. Awesome.

… or Se Dong’s cute co-developers…


What’s better than these unusually clueless guys who just want to develop their game? D’awww.

… or a possibly evil housekeeper.


Because evil mothers are so 2013.

Are you watching “Blade Man”? If not, give it a go, and if you are, tell us why you are watching it!

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