“Bad Guys” Drops Action-Packed Stills Prior to Drama Premiere

With just a couple days left before the October 4 premiere of the drama, OCN‘s “Bad Guys” recently released some behind-the-scenes action stills of the actors, pictured giving their all for the physically demanding scenes, even pushing through the injuries sustained on set.

bad guys 0

Ma Dong Suk (playing Park Woong Chul) pictured warming up for an action scene. Looks like a knockout worthy hook.

bad guys 2

The cuts and bruises come along with being in an action drama. Putting his all into the action scenes, Ma Dong Suk actually ruptured some muscles in his thigh not too long ago.

bad guys 4

Park Hae Jin channeling the cold anger of his character Lee Jung Moon.

bad guys 5

bad guys 8

Jo Dong Hyuk putting his kick to the test during rehearsals.

The actor recently sustained a wrist injury requiring surgery during an action shoot, but pushed through to the finish with a simple wrap.

“Bad Guys,” airing its first episode this Saturday, October 4, is about a police detective that gathers a group of violent criminals in order to prevent a bigger crime.

Also check out the previously released action version preview for the first episode here:

Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong): “That if they cross you the wrong way, you, who have been all the way to the edges of your lives, it would be better for them to just go ahead and kill themselves. Show them that.”

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