IU x Seo Taiji Tops Nine Different Music Charts with “Sogyeokdong”

IU and Seo Taiji have topped nine different digital music charts with the IU version of “Sogyeokdong.”

Prior to the release of Seo Taiji’s ninth album “Quiet Night,” he collaborated with IU and released an IU version of “Sogyeokdong” on October 2. Upon release, the song topped nine digital music charts including Melon, Bugs Music, Naver Music, and Mnet.

Kim Dong Ryul, who initially topped eight different music charts with his latest single “How I Am“, was pushed to second place.

“Sogyeokdong” is a pre-release track from the legendary rocker’s ninth album. Seo Taiji’s version will be released on October 10.

The two different versions of the song will also have two different music videos, which will be connected to each other.