Kim Gura: “SISTAR’s Soyu Has Completely Changed after Gaining Popularity”

Known for his honest and witty comments, TV personality Kim Gu Ra has expressed his thoughts on SISTAR member Soyu‘s image on variety shows.

During the filming of JTBC’s talk show “War of Words,” the panel members discussed the phenomenon of idol group members gaining more popularity through individual activities. According to the panel, the representative cases are SISTAR, CNBLUE, and 2AM, who all started off with one or two members attracting interest, which finally led to the success of the groups as a whole.

In regards to SISTAR, Kim Gu Ra said, “Soyu, whose popularity was not high compared to the other members, is actively promoting on variety shows after earning recognition with additional music projects like ‘Some‘ and ‘The Space Between,'” and revealed his opinion on Soyu’s image, “Totally different from her appearance on ‘Hwasin‘ a year ago, I recently saw her appear on ‘Quiz Around the World,” and she was talking with confidence like a completely different person.”

This episode of “War of Words” will air on October 2 at 11 p.m.