Goo Hye Sun Talks about Acting In and Directing “Daughter” on Big Issue Magazine

Actress Goo Hye Sun was featured on the cover of the October edition of Big Issue magazine as she participated in their good cause with the homeless. She displayed a dignified and yet chic appearance as the director of her new movie, “Daughter.”

Goo Hye Sun’s new movie, “Daughter,” is drawing the attention of many as it is being officially invited to the “Korean Cinema Today” section in the 19th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The movie tells a story of a mother and a daughter in a broken relationship.

Through the interview, she shared, “I participated in my own movie and played a cold hearted character I have never played before. It is my first time acting in a movie that I was directing but I have always wanted to play a character like this one in a movie.”

Goo Hye Sun worked with actress Shim Hye Jin for the first time in this movie and she shared that she was nervous as a director and an actress because of Shim Hye Jin’s excellent acting skills.

Shim Hye Jin replied, “Goo Hye Sun is a bright director and that it was easier working with her because of her ability to relate to the actors and actresses.”

Goo Hye Sun added, “I decided to direct this movie because I wanted to work on more of a realistic material compared to the fantasy material I used to work with before. I was not satisfied with my acting as a director so it took longer to shoot the scenes but I want to be able to play variety of roles in the future as an actress.”

The movie “Daughter” is coming to theaters this fall.