Actor Son Ho Joon Talks About 12-Year Friendship with TVXQ’s Jung Yunho

Actor Son Ho Joon has recently shared to viewers about his friendship with TVXQ’s Jung Yunho.

On the October 2 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3,” Son Ho Joon mentioned how TVXQ’s Jung Yunho has helped him make his broadcast debut.

“It was from the time I knew Yunho that I started working in broadcasting. When I was acting in Gwangju, one of my juniors in the theater company introduced me to Yunho. At that time, Yunho was Dana‘s rapper. We were both striving (artists) at that time,” Son Ho Joon talked about how his friendship with Yunho began.

“When I came to Seoul, I was able to come out on broadcast through the manager that Yunho introduced to me,” continued Son Ho Joon, sending his gratitude to his friend Jung Yunho.

MC Yoo Jae Suk asked, “Were there any changes with how people around you looked at you after you got popular?,” to which Son Ho Joon replied, “Although Yunho is younger than me, he’s my senior in the community. Whenever I go one step up, he gives me advices. The first thing he said was, ‘Before hyung changes, the attitude of people around you changes (first),’ and told me to not be shaken and to be humble,” sharing how Jung Yunho has helped him further.

“Yunho was my savior until I became the actor Son Ho Joon,” he continued.

After Son Ho Joon’s touching revelation about his friend, a video message from Yunho was shown. In the video, Yunho sent his heartfelt message to his friend. “I admire hyung’s modesty and honesty. Knowing Ho Joon hyung’s passion for acting, I felt sad that he couldn’t move forward (with it). But I think he’s now progressing (with acting),” said Yunho, cheering his friend on.

Throughout the show, Son Ho Joon talked about his unchanging friendship with Jung Yunho. He added that he wouldn’t forget the help that Yunho has given him.

Son Ho Joon and Jung Yunho have been friends since 2002 and their 12-year friendship truly shone in this episode.

Son Ho Joon

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